I feel ALIVE when I have a paintbrush in my hand & my brain is in full-on CREATION mode

One of my favorite gifts that I offer the world is creating a master piece of your special day. 

Since I can remember, I've loved beautiful places and to create. I currently reside in Durango, Colorado - a place that deeply inspires my artwork. I am in love with and moved by the Colorado Plateau & the four corners area of the US. I feel alive when I explore untouched wilderness and when I have a paintbrush in my hand & my brain is in full-on creation mode.

I’ve been offering live wedding paintings to Colorado, Utah, Arizona, New Mexico and beyond since March 2022, and it brings me so much joy to be able to paint such a memorable and special day for couples. I love working with couples who are drawn to this magical corner of the US, and love and appreciate nature and beautiful places. 

Alongside creating paintings, I love spending time adventuring and exploring in the San Juan mountains by foot or mountain bike. I love starting my day with an oat milk latte and cuddling with my tuxedo cat named Swiss. 

If you are interested in my work, or booking me for a wedding painting or commission, I’d love to take your vision and recreate it into a meaningful piece of art. 


I’ve lived in Colorado for 8 years

I have a degree in landscape architecture 

It was a place where my love for the outdoors, art and design all came together. Although I was looking at art schools even at a young age I was drawn to the fusion of art and landscape. Although I do not practice this form of design now, my love for art, landscape and design is embedded in how I see the world.

After living in Iowa my entire life, I moved here on a wim. I had been to Colorado on a family vacation as a kid, I was drawn to the mountains and different ways of living. Now 8 years later, I live at the foothills of the San Juan mountains and am inspired by the beauty and quirkiness of this small mountain town every day. 

I worked as a wilderness guide for 8 years

Whether it is swimming in the ocean, paddle boarding down the river, soaking in the hot springs or taking an epsom salt bath, my love for water keeps me happy and feeling alive. 

I started off working for an outdoor program in college leading outdoor trips on school breaks. I went on to become an instructor for NOLS teaching backpacking and climbing. I also worked for a wilderness therapy program for a handful of years. Whenever I had time off, my favorite thing to do was explore the outdoors and paint what I saw.