Do you have a wall that needs some color?

Hannah creates impactful backdrops for your office, hotel, restaurant, Airbnb, and beyond. What distinguishes her work is her dedication to providing value to her clients. Recognizing that murals serve as more than mere aesthetics, they are also strategic tools capable of driving tangible results. Whether your desire is to enhance visibility, elevate your brand, generate an "Instagrammable" moment, or rejuvenate a workspace, she will produce a memorable piece that aligns with your goals.

Bring a space to life with a custom mural

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Are you ready for your business to look more beautiful?

Hannah created her first mural in 2015 in her home state of Iowa after being recommended by a friend to a local business. It was then she understood the value and impact of what a mural could do: take a boring, uninviting space and completely transform it. Learn more about Hannah here: (take to about me page)

What you can expect hiring Hannah as your muralist:

Why work with Hannah?

Murals not only help with the beautification of a space or neighborhood, but can also be an excellent investment for businesses. Murals create inviting spaces for people to admire, spend time at, and take photos and video alongside the mural to share on social media and other channels. 

  • Is your indoor or outdoor space a beige box, and boring to look at? 
  • Are you uninspired by what you currently see, yet are drawn to elevated and beautiful spaces?
  • Are you ready to take the leap and hire a professional to create a space exactly what you are hoping for?

Your business is waiting to be seen. Work with Hannah to make it happen.

  • Excellent communication. From beginning to end, Hannah will keep you in the loop, informing and updating you clearly throughout the entire process. 
  • Professionalism and care. Hiring Hannah to take care of your wall will feel like a breeze.
  • A wall that is perfectly unique to you and your business, in Hannah’s unique, impressionistic style.
  • A stunning, high quality mural that will transform your business! 

A space that is transformed with color, engages with your audience, and puts your business on the map.

I have 2 murals in my sons’ rooms painted by Hannah and they are my favorite pieces of art in our home. 

I told her I wanted an abstract desert theme and an abstract mountain theme and she sketched up some ideas and brought them to life on my walls. I am still in awe every time I walk into the rooms that she was able to create something that captured my vision. She was also extremely easy and fun to work alongside throughout the entire process!

The Investment

After our initial consultation, we will be able to put together a custom quote for your wall. 

Mural investment is based ona variety of factors:
square footage of the wall
the texture of the wall (smooth, stucco, brick, etc)
intricacy of the design
if any equipment rentals are required. 

Please reach out for a custom quote for your wall! 

Mural Process

At this point, after the design has been finalized, the paint purchased, we’re ready for the magic to begin! Hannah will begin installing the mural during the mutually agreed upon dates or timeline.


Painting Time

We will create a design sketch based on conversations/contract and will have a complete rendering of what the mural will look like in the end. This is the time to solidify the design. Hannah will use this detailed sketch to map out and create the final mural.


Design Process 

We will start with a discussion and ensure that a custom mural aligns perfectly with your needs. During this session, we'll dive into topics such as colors, concepts, pricing, and more.



Once we decide to move forward, Hannah will send over a contract and proposal outlining the timeline, the entire process and investment.