LIVE Wedding and Event Painting

What is live wedding painting

A live wedding painting means that I will create a beautiful and original work of art during your event. Through my style of creating, my end goal is to create a beautiful piece of artwork that captures the essence of the event or special day. I am primarily a landscape painter, so my works often captures energy, feelings of the day and spatial surroundings.

Having a live wedding painter provides guests an opportunity to watch a painting from start to finish. If you ever have watched someone create a large painting, it is a captivating and entertaining experience. Additionally, you will have your very own one-of-a-kind piece of artwork that can be passed down through generations. By the time the event is over, you will have a completed painting to proudly display as a remembrance of your special occasion. Paintings can capture emotion and memory in a way that is different than a photograph, making the entire process special and unique.

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Guest Portraits

Give guests a special and unique experience with either watercolor or marker portraits of themselves to take home after the event. These customized pieces of art are created based on a photo of your guests taken on site and are completed live in five minutes. Beyond entertainment, these portraits will become timeless keepsakes for your guests to cherish and also never forget the event.

Hannah will arrive at the event or venue 30 minutes before the event to set up her paints ormarkers and signage. Once the event begins, Hannah will take reference photos of any guests wanting a portrait as they stop by the table. While the event is happening, Hannah will begin creating mini, impressionistic portraits that take approximately 5-8 minutes each to complete. Once they are finished, Hannah will place them on the table in a plastic sleeve for guests to come by and take on their way out of the event. Depending on the amount of guests wanting portraits, Hannah will set a time for guests to stop by and get a portrait so that there is adequate time to finish the paintings in the time allotted.

“Hannah was great to work with. We gave her some general ideas on design and she ran with it, delivering a piece that was exactly what we were looking for!

I would highly recommend Hannah because of her creativity, timeliness, and professionalism. When you hire Hannah you can expect a beautiful and well executed finished product. Looking forward to working with her again!”

The Investment

Pricing is based on location of the event and canvas size + number of detailed humans you’d like added to the painting. Additional travel costs will be included if the event is more than 50 miles outside of Hannah’s home base: Durango, Colorado. For more specific pricing details, reach out to Hannah here. Pricing can vary based on location and time of year.

Hannah is based in the gorgeous and adventurous mountain town of Durango, Colorado. Hannah will travel anywhere in the four corners area (Colorado, Utah, New Mexico, Arizona) to create your live wedding painting. If travel time in car takes over two hours, additional expenses will apply. In the initial call, Hannah will provide a travel quote - which includes transportation (over 50 miles,) lodging and meals If you are outside of the Colorado/New Mexico/Arizona/Utah region, Hannah will travel to you! (depending on flights, availability and schedule.)

I'll arrive at your event 1-2 hours in advance to set up and choose a composition for your painting, and begin painting the underlay of your painting. My easel will be set up off to the side, in a spot that allows me to fully capture the venue/event while still being able to engage with guests. My painting process involves starting big, abstract, and adding layers. With each layer the piece becomes alive and more detailed. As guests fill the space, I begin to move colors around the painting. With time, the image begins to emerge. It takes about four to five hours to complete the painting with significant detail. Each venue and event is special and therefore no two paintings look alike. Generally, the piece is completed by the end of the event. Occasionally. I'll take it back to my studio to put on finishing touches or add a protective varnish over the artwork.

The Process


We will begin the process by having a phone call to get to know each other and talk through what you’d like your live wedding painting experience to be like. After the first call, if you decide to book, Hannah will send over a contract outlining details of the event and pricing. We will touch base 2-4 weeks before the big wedding day to finalize any last minute details about the wedding painting.


I will always respond to every inquiry within the week. If you do not get a response - please check your spam folder, or go ahead and add this email: to your address book!